On the paths of the Grobnik region you can first of all enjoy nature, however, they also offer a historical story, like the Mlikarica’s (Milkmaid’s) path, or an opportunity for self-reflection, such as Cernik’s Way of the Cross. If you choose one of the famous trails, in addition to fresh air and wild plants, you will also feel the spirit of the old people of Grobnik who used to usethese routes on a daily basis.

The Milkmaid’s path

Passing down the Louisiana road from Rijeka to Karlovac you will pass by the sign Hrastenica, where the turning is for the Milkmaid’s path (“Mlikaričin put”)or, as it is still called “Rebar.” It used to be shortcut for walking to and from the city of Rijeka. There were no buses, and road traffic was very rare, which is unthinkable today.

This route was used by all employees in the city and children who attended school, however, the most noticeable trace was left by the footprints of milkmaids who travelled down it every day sometimes even twice a day.

One of the most impressive images of the journey of our mothers and wives was provided by the Chakavian poet Anton Mavrinac Filonov in his poem Mlikarica (Milkmaid):

“The Rebar way is steep and harsh
but the milkmaids walk it
they make a Way of the Cross
twice a day with a load.”

Today it is an idyllic walk restored with the diligent hands of the locals of Hrastenica, at the end of which is a chapel overlooking a beautiful view of the Rijeka area and further to the islands. Along the trail itself, you will find an abundance of medicinal, fragrant wild herbs such as sage and heather, with which the leisurely stroll or bike ride turns into a true aromatherapy pleasure.

The Way of the Cross

In Cernik, one of the oldest inhabited places in Grobnišćina, is the starting point of the Way of the Cross that leads to the top of Cernik Hill. The well-maintained path that passes by the Stations of the Cross is an ideal opportunity for us to think about ourselves and take a leisurely stroll to the top.

There we can rest under three crosses and in peace and quiet enjoy the vistas, on the one side we see Krk and the sea, and on the other our view is of Brgud, once grey but today green in the absence of goats who used to nibble at everything that was young and green.
From here, you can also see the old town of Grobnik and a good part of Grobnišćina. Enjoy!