Masquerade parties in the snow are an unusual sight, but also extremely entertaining and funny. Anyone who once tastes the charms of a fun fancy-dress descent, cheerful company and delicious food on Platak will, without exception, become a regular visitor to the Platak Masquerade event. And just when we think that the originality of the descent cannot be surpassed, the new year comes and the bar is set a little higher.

The Platak Masquerade event is known for its good fun and informal masked, fancy-dress socialising. The special feature of this favourite festival is the location where everything takes place – Platak under the snow.

Every year, the participants surprise us with their presentations, masks, fancy costumes and the way they go down the snowy slope on Platak.The descent takes place below the Great House (Velika Doma), and the catchphrase of the Platak Masquerade is:“Who knows how and can.”So far, we’ve seen Hawaiian dancers on skis, swimmers on inflatable mattresses, descents on a couch, and many, many other original ideas.Their speed is not measured here, the most important thing is to reach the end and leave a good artistic impression on the jury.

Different to others

This event was conceived as a gathering of masked revellers in a completely different environment and this is one of the reasons for the growing response of participants, as well as those who do not disguise themselves but come to see and feel a different world.Every year there are plenty of imaginative masked participants as well as their symbolic carts, which are not easy to bring to Platak in the bad weather. Nevertheless, the masked revellers prove time and time again that nothing can stop them from going crazy and having fun.

Don’t be worried about the snow and cold, for the Platak Masquerade you only need a mask and good will. Everything else is less important. We look forward to your unique descent down Platak!