The Kobasica Open sausage festival is an event that does not neglect any of the senses!The tasty food, irresistible smells, live music and colourful people will surely entertain you and warm you up during the cold January days.Meat lovers always have this day of sausage veneration marked on their calendar, and we don’t see a better way to have a delicious start to the year.

Kobasica open

At the very beginning of the year, in the first days of January, an unusual event called the Kobasica Open (“kobasica” means sausage) is held.

Once, not so long ago, just when it was the time of slaughtering pigs and the holidays were combined with weekends, pigs would become part of a relentless food chain.But this was all part of everyday life and regardless of today’s popular vegetarianism and our awareness of animal protection, we still smell homemade sausages, pork scratchings, pancetta, prosciutto and other delicacies that are created as the final product of excellent butchers.Captivated by this smell, after a month of drying the first products – usually sausages – in smoke and wind, the Čavle Municipality Tourist Board in cooperation with the Pomorac buffet organises a competition in the preparation of the best sausages according to judges composed of renowned caterers and Grobnik’s butchers.

The best-cooked sausages are evaluated, and everyone can apply for the competition by contacting the host of this party in the Pomorac buffet.So we invite you to this unique festivity that abounds with live music, excellent food and even better fun.Contribute to the wonderful smells with your culinary skills or just come for an irresistible and delicious snack.