There is no more beautiful view than the one from the air, so gather up all your courage and opt for one of the aero-activities offered by the aviation company Krila Kvarnera (Wings of Kvarner).Whether by hang-glider, parachute or aircraft, the experience will surely be unforgettable and the view priceless.After the flight, we suggest a drink and some well-deserved boasting!

A versatile airfield

Automotodrom (Dejan Ban)

Grobničko Polje (Grobnik Field) airfield is located about 15 kilometres north of Rijeka.The airfield was once called Sušak and was the international airport of the then town of Sušak, as evidenced by the markings in the middle of the field that are now partially overgrown with grass.In the second half of the 20th century, the airport was taken over by the army and an asphalt runway was built on Grobnik Field.The area was first used by gliders who began their activities on Lič field.At the same time, flying with powered aircraft developed, and the first parachute jumps took place.This airfield is one of only a few places in Croatia where it is possible to encounter all branches of aviation.

Activities on Grobnik Field

If you want to see the Grobnik area from a bird’s perspective, you can experience it with a parachute jump, byhang gilder or from the safety of a cockpit, just contact the Wings of Kvarner aviation company.For those who are less brave but enjoy watching adventurers in the air, we suggest refreshments and food in the nearby restaurant.
Today, there are five aviation clubs operating at the airfield, united in the Wings of Kvarner aviation company.

The Wings of Kvarner aviation company is the umbrella organisation that manages the airfield.As part of the airfield there is a hangar where it is possible to accommodate the aircraft of clubs that operate at the airfield and visitors’ aircraft.Aviation fuel is also available at the airfield.

The Wings of Kvarner Parachute Club is one of the most successful skydiving clubs in the Republic of Croatia and along-time organiser of the European Parachute Cup events.The club owns two aircraft, a Cessna 207 and an AN-2, suitable for skydiving sports as well as for parachuting training.

The Wings of Kvarner Glider Club is one of the oldest such clubs in Croatia.The club owns three gliders and one plane for towing the gliders. Due to geographical limitations, i.e. the impossibility of covering great distances, the club is primarily oriented towards the training of glider pilots.The aircraft have been adapted for all types of training, from basic training in a two-seater glider to advanced training for competitors in a club glider.

The Wings of Kvarner Pilot’s Club has four Cessna aircraft that are suitable for panoramic flying and aerial photography.

The Wings of Kvarner Free Flying Club organises hang-glider flying and hang-gliding training.A special hang-glider training ground has been set up within the airfield.Flights start from the nearby hills and it is possible to fly by aerotow from the airfield itself.

The Wings of Kvarner Self-Build Club has a long tradition and within the club several amateur aircraft have been made that are located at the airfield and are regularly flown.The club also has a modelling club and it is the first choice of primary school flying enthusiasts, many of whom later become pilots or skydivers.