Regardless of which month you plan to visit Grobnik and the municipality of Čavle, something unusual and original is sure to happen.

We start with interesting events as early as the first days of January.The first is an unusual event called the Kobasica Open, where we evaluate the best-cooked sausages.This all continues into the period of carnival, the Grobnik masquerade weekend, which unites Grobnišćina Rings and the Platak Masquerade.

At the beginning of May, we organise the Day of Wine and Beauty, an exhibition and wine tasting in the beautiful Grobnik castle. The summer is reserved for the Festival of Polenta and Cheese, the Folk Theatre Festival, St Bartholomew’s Festival (Bartoja) and Bartojski Kotlić – a cauldron-cooking event.All of this is already enough for you to visit the municipality of Čavle, where quality accommodation is on offer and our caterers ensure a superb gastronomic selection.