At the end of August, the inhabitants of the whole municipality gather to celebrate the day of their patron saint, St Bartholomew. Locally known as Bartoja, in addition to the religious features, it also offers many cultural, entertainment, sports and culinary events, headed by Bartojski Kotlić – a festival of cooking in cauldrons.This competition in preparing cauldron-cooked dishes can be smelled from afar and the whole event is an ideal end to the summer holidays and the beginning of new work successes!

St Bartholomew’s and relaxation at the end of summer

Every 24th August, St Bartholomew’s Day is celebrated; he was a martyr and the protector of Cernik church, which is why the Parish Day was proclaimed at that time, and every odd year the Day of Čavle Municipality as well.Bartoja, as the people of Grobnik call that day, was not to be missed in the past and it is similar today, guests from other parishes, relatives and friends come, everyone is welcome.Bartoja is a time of coming together, community and prayer for every family.

Since it’s already a bit of both the late summer and a return to everyday life after the holidays, it gives us an additional reason to have a good time and relax once more before the autumn rains.The folk festival that follows the religious rites is always well attended and there is always something for everyone.The youngsters stop at colourful stalls, the slightly older ones like to sit in one of our restaurants and with a drink talk to someone they may not have seen since the last Bartoja.Sometimes on that day, the girls went out to the first dance because on StBartholomew’s Day people always had a dance, and this is a custom that is still held by some today.

Amongst the choice of religious, cultural, sports and entertainment events you will surely find something to your liking, so we invite you to come and visit us and enjoy some time with us.

The Bartojski Kotlić cooking event

As part of the Bartoja event, the Bartojski Kotlić cooking event is also held, organised by the Čavle municipality tourist board and the Pomorac buffet.About twenty teams compete in the discipline of preparing dishes in cauldrons (“kotlić”) over open fires. The expert jury evaluates the prepared dishes in 4 categories: the taste of the juice, the cooking of the meat, the taste of the meat and the appearance of the goulash.Scores from 0 to 10 are added up and they decide upon the winner.

Bartojski kotlić – cooking event

The atmosphere at the Bartojski Kotlić contest is always hot, a bit from the sun, a bit from the desire to win, because being the chef of the best dish is no small thing.All participants, regardless of the results, are always in a good mood, never hungry and impatiently look forward to the following year and a new opportunity to cross their cooking spoons and show their culinary skills. Visitors have the opportunity to try top-quality dishes and, if desired, discover the secret culinary weapons of each team.

The announcement of the winner never goes without live music, lots of curious people and a dose of good fun. We hope that we have managed to whet your appetite and see you at the next Bartojski Kotlić festival with a plate in your hand!