For all of you who are looking for excitement and an adrenaline adventure, the Grobnik Automotodrom is the right place.

Since beginning in 1978, the Automotodrom has been visited by 80,000 people every year, by drivers, competitors and spectators, both for training and for various international events.Professional teams from all over Europe come to the track, and all passionate drivers are able to get to know our track during the GROBNIK OPEN DAYS event.

The trail is located on the Zagreb – Rijeka (A6) motorway immediately after the toll booths. Follow the sign AUTOMOTODROM GROBNIK, and the sound of powerful engines and tyres will bring you right in front of the beauty of Grobnik.

See you in Grobnik!

2018 resurfacing

Year 2018 was particularly significant for Grobnik Circuit. At the end of 2017 construction works on the track officially started.

The new date and time that will be recorded in the history of Grobnik Circuit is April 9, 2018. At 12.48h last meters of new asphalt were finished. 5,200 tons of mass covered 55,000 square feet of the track.

There are a total of 2500 meters of new kerbs, according to track standards, guardrails are replaced, zones are widened and straightened. During first rides on new track the result of 01:28.618 is the best proof that excellent work has been done.

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