The Čebuhar’s House is also known as the Čavle stone monument of Louisiana Road. Today’s historical and tourist landmark was once a popular meeting point and refreshment place for many travellers and waggoners.
The house is also a monument to the reputable and enterprising Čebuhar family, whose lineage was broken in 1963. It is located in the very centre of Čavle, so do not forget to visit it.

An unbreakable bond with the Louisiana Road

The settlement of Čavle was formed relatively late and is not even mentioned in records before the 19th century. However, after the construction of the LouisianaRoad, the area of present-day Čavle becomes interesting to all those with a business spirit. Therefore, along the road from Sobol to Buzdohanj, the town of Čavle was formed and spread rapidly.

Čavleis just one in a series of settlements that can thankthe Louisiana Road for its flourishing and prosperity. What inextricably connects the LouisianaRoad and Čavle is the Čebuhar’s House.

A family story

The history of the Čebuhar family, after which the monument is named, takes us back to 1811. In Fužine in that year Ivan Janez Čebuhar was born and he saw the possibility of a better life for himself and his family in the construction of Louisiana road, and when he was very young he moved from Fužine to Kamenjak. In 1834, Ivan JanezČebuhar leased an inn for travellers and waggoners, as well as the nobles’ wineries of Grobnik. He also brought his brother Fran Čebuhar with him to Kamenjak. Ivan and Fran built the inn in Čavle for 4 years. By marrying the widow Kata Žeželić Jurjev Fran Čebuharcreated one of the most powerful families in the Grobnik area. In Čavle he built a tavern and a hostel, with his initials and the year carved above the door: F Č 1843.

This building was built in the very centre of Čavle, right by the Louisiana Road, and was intended for waggoners who transported goods between Sušak and Karlovac and beyond. Fran ran these premises until his death, after which he was succeeded by his son Makso. Makso was succeeded by his son Ivo Čebuhar, a doctor law and solicitor in Čavle, who from 1919 ran a law firm in Čavle.
He was the president of the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) in Čavle, and in 1926, StjepanRadić stayed at his house. With his death in 1963, the name Čebuhar disappeared in Čavle and Grobnišćina.